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What is a Children's Dream Racer?  A child sized version of a real NASCAR race car that are placed in children's hospitals and cancer centers worldwide to help children get through the difficult treatments they must endure.  They include a flat panel TV, CD/DVD player, PlayStation, IV stand, oxygen bottle holder, easy roller coasters with brake and storage trunk.

Built by retired NASCAR builder and founder of CDR, Mark "Smitty" Smith, these cars are made with the same materials used to build real NASCARS.



How can we help?  The cost of one Dream Racer is $9,500   plus shipping.  Our goal at MDAHU is to raise a minum of   $20,000 to install two cars in Michigan.  The cars will be placed at DMC Children's Hospital and Beaumont Children's Cancer Center.  We will accomplish  this through selling donor advertising on the car.  When delivered the car is wrapped with donor's logos and graphics.  This is a lifelong advertisement billboard!  Logos and graphics will never change.

Questions?  Contact either:  Gwyn Starr -, Rob Roney -, David Engle - 



Playworks helps metro Detroit kids to stay active, build valuable social and emotional skills through play.  Playworks has a strong focus on conflict resolution, leadership skills and academic success.  To learn more about Playworks - click on their website - Playworks.

MDAHU sells 50/50 tickets at our monthly membership meetings with the proceeds being donated to Playworks.  Purchase your 50/50 ticket at the next monthly meeting!