The benefits of contributing to HUPAC. HUPAC is part of a three legged stool. This stools legs consist of:

  1. local member involvement
  2. NAHU Washington lobbyist
  3. the PAC that provides financial support to members and candidates supportive of NAHU goals and objectives


– Government has a huge impact on our profession, our business, and our clients. If we don’t have a seat at the table, our industry is at risk!

– Contributions to HUPAC allow us to combine our resources and strength to ensure our voice is heard in a clear and concise message!

– While HUPAC isn't large enough to shape the outcome of an election, its large enough to change the conversation regarding legislation pending before Congress. Without HUPAC, the voices of brokers and agents are not heard. 


What is the Health Underwriters Political Action Committee?

HUPAC Administration 101

HUPAC By the Numbers